A Karnataka home that received a radical makeover, designed by Sudaiva Studio

The task at hand was to convert an old single storey house in a small town in Karnataka into a contemporary house, with the addition of two more floors. For Vinay Mavinakere, founder and principal architect of Sudaiva Studio, this was a special project because the house was in his ancestral town and belonged to his parents. “The house was considered for rental, with the top floor being reserved for my parents as a vacation home that they visit once or twice a month. When you look at the house from the outside, you notice the intricate jaali work that runs the length of the built structure. The architect wanted to work with a simple, economical material that looked native, but was used in an extraordinary way. Reveals Mavinakere, “During construction, the breathtaking view of the canopies of rain trees from the top floor inspired the construction of an additional floor for a studio to use as a pied-à-terre for the family, who now live in Bangalore. “The earthy materiality, openness and connection with the greenery really sets this house apart.

A Bangalore home with a unique and calming quality, by Techno Architecture

Resolutely modern but rooted in nature, this Bangalore residence located in the upscale JP Nagar is an image of modernism and comfort. Dubbed “Belaku”, the design of this house is loosely based on Wabi-Sabi, the age-old Japanese principle of accepting things as they are and with all of their “imperfections”. Designed by Rajesh Shivaram of Techno Architecture, the house with its generous doses of green offers relief from city living. “Belaku is close to nature and celebrates beauty in a naturally imperfect world. The shapes are well defined, but visually well connected to nature and capitalize on the pleasant weather that Bangalore has to offer, ”says Shivaram. Shivaram’s greatest inspiration for design has come from tropical architecture. “I was passionate about making a meaningful and lasting impression and contributing to a more sustainable built world. The exterior is a brick wall frame while the interior material palette is neutral with the use of materials like white plaster, cement finishes, walnut floors, and wood siding. Veneers have also been added to inject more heat into the space. In keeping with the tropical inspiration, the space has been designed with a lot of greenery. “With the space limitations of 2,400 square feet, it was an obvious decision to divide the landscape over different levels, both internal and external,” says Shivaram.

A house defined by Arches, by Studio GSA

Located on the twenty-fourth floor of a high-rise building on Old Madras Road in Bangalore, this contemporary apartment designed by Studio GSA. With an area of ​​over 3,100 square feet, this 3-BHK is perfect for a nuclear family. The client who took on board Gaurav Panjwani and Santosh Belani, designers and co-founders of the firm, is also a manufacturer. “The inspiration for this project came from the client’s brief to have a space that would reflect their heritage, a place that could blend the old and the new and yet adapt to their contemporary lifestyle,” says Panjwani. Besides the color scheme which is predominantly pastel in all rooms, the other feature that stands out is the arches that pop up in different parts of the house. Interior designers have ensured that the space retains its contemporary element, but added touches of nostalgia with the use of cane in various rooms.

A mansion in Karnataka gilded in gold, by Jiten Mistry

A 9,500 square foot villa in the “chilli town” of Byadagi, in the Haveri district of Karnataka, elicits a similar reaction from almost anyone who sees it: wow! Exuding an ornate sense of style, the home is home to a family of nine. The client’s brief to the team at Elysium Abodes – a luxury home construction and construction company – and interior designer Jiten Mistry was fairly straightforward: a royal and lavish home in the style of a French villa. Before embarking on the task of renovating the house, the design team restored and adapted the old carved doors and frames of the house. To achieve the overall feel of a French-style villa and incorporate a contemporary finish into every room, the right balance had to be struck between classic and modern, between meeting the tastes of each family member and their functional needs. The Elysium Abodes team has done intricate mosaic work for the floor, which lends charm and sophistication to the seven bedroom home. What also stands out in this sumptuous house are the art deco pieces. A lot of gold has been used throughout the house, and a glittering space emerges as a result.