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Your home may be primarily a gathering place, but it’s also a creative canvas where you can express yourself. There’s something utterly satisfying about choosing the perfect paint shade for bathroom or cabinet hardware that speaks to your soul. You might be the kind of person who instinctively knows what they like, or you might be more of the “everything trending on Pinterest” type. Either way, making your living space as beautiful as possible doesn’t just look good, it’s also a lot of fun.

But while updating your home with the latest trends is important to you, there are some things you should incorporate — and avoid — if you want to match the latest looks.

Starting with the good stuff, here are four design elements that are very popular right now, according to experts in the field.

black accents

When it comes to color combinations, you really can’t go wrong with classic black. Incorporating black accents into the home is a trend that is set to continue in 2022 and beyond. Black interior and exterior window frames, black lacquered entry doors, and black appliances – with either a gloss or matte finish – are definitely on trend right now. Writing for The Spruce, interior design expert Laura Flanagan says, “Like a coat of mascara on eyelashes, black enhances the colors and shapes around it. Black can be used in any setting. any room, in any style.”

4 design patterns to implement in your home and 3 to avoid
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colorful kitchens

Monochromatic kitchens are like mashed potatoes with no sauce or vanilla ice cream with no toppings – they’re pretty, but they’re a bit bland. That’s why homeowners these days are moving away from the all-white kitchen and countertop look and adding some pizzazz to their color scheme. Expect to see more wooden cabinets or cabinet doors painted in warm or neutral hues, as well as countertops with alternative materials. For example, more kitchens can feature mixed materials, such as granite countertops paired with a hardwood island.

Patterned hardwoods

Just as people add more color to their kitchens, they also mix things up with their flooring. Laurel Vernazza, Marketing Director and Content Director for The Plan Collection, wrote about the flooring design trends that will be popular in 2022. “We’re seeing homeowners incorporating lighter wood into their designs, whether it’s either in a room in the house or part of a bedroom,” Vernazza writes. “Expect greater interest in Old World craftsmanship with two-tone inlays, patterns, or even different tones On the ground.”

Curvier Building Elements

It may be a reflection of the “quarantine 15” that many have gained during the pandemic, but people are starting to embrace the beauty of softer, rounded edges. The curves counter the “straight line syndrome” of recent years, the designers say. Expect to see more arched openings, barrel-vaulted ceilings and curved furniture, predict Vernazza and the team at The Plan Collection. Also, you can spot more arched windows and doors as well as curved ceilings for porches or decks and curved walkways.

Here are what are now considered deprecated design elements.

All white kitchens

There is an undeniable freshness in an all-white space. Clean and neutral, it’s a palette that complements all décor inclusions. Still, washing every wall in this hue is safe play these days, say Lyndsey Scott and Wendy Robinson, co-founders and directors of How We Haven. “All-white kitchens can look very sterile and flat,” says Scott. “Having little diversity and devoid of personality, they lack the ability to evoke inspiring emotion.”

4 design patterns to implement in your home and 3 to avoid
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There was a time when people would put boards on all the walls. The look is textured, inviting and warm. However, more contemporary options warrant a look today. “Shiplap is overkill,” say Scott and Robinson. He’s been in too many places and graced too many surfaces.

The art of words

Do you really need a giant set of letters hanging in the kitchen to remind you that this is the kitchen? Or a giant wooden spoon that accompanies the word? No. You don’t. The same can be said for those superficial motivational mantras. “Any art hanging around the house that’s supposed to be positive just comes across as cheesy and predictable,” Jessica Boudreaux, interior designer in Miami and New York, told

Want more design ideas? Check out the parade of houses!

Of course, in the end, the only thing that really matters is choosing the design elements you prefer. And if you’re not quite sure about your style, it can be helpful to find some creative inspiration at your local Parade of Homes event.

For 75 years, Parade of Homes has featured new homes built to showcase the latest design trends. Parade participants can tour these homes and glean fun ideas for their own living spaces. Here’s what’s happening in Utah:

You can learn more about each of these events by clicking on the links above.

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